Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

Awards Mirchi Music Awards – (MMA)
Awards Management / Organizers Entertainment Network (India) Limited (‘ENIL’ or ‘the Company’)
Languages Mirchi Music Awards across languages – Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil & Telugu
Nominees All the winners announced in the Mirchi Music Awards within the past decade
Winner Any song / album / person determined as a winner basis jury’s score
Jury A group of persons appointed by Awards Management who will approve the proposed process of the Awards, ratify the nominees and determine final winners
Rules These rules governing the awards, as may be amended from time to time by the Awards Management
Website www.mirchimusicawards.com

2. Award categories

Segments Award categories
  1. Song of the Decade
  2. Album of the Decade
  3. Male Vocalist of the Decade
  4. Female Vocalist of the Decade
  5. Music Composer of the Decade
  6. Lyricist of the Decade
  7. Raag Based Song of the Decade
  8. Manin Kural Male Vocalist of the Decade (only for Tamil)
  9. Manin Kural Female Vocalist of the Decade (only for Tamil)
  1. Indi-pop Song of the Decade
  2. Bangla Band Song of the Decade (only for Bangla)
  3. Rabindra Sangeet Album of the Decade (only for Bangla)
  1. Arranger & Programmer of the Decade
  2. Sound Recording & Engineering of the Decade
  3. Background Score of the Decade
Listener's choice
  1. Listener’s Choice Song of the Decade
  2. Listener’s Choice Album of the Decade
Special Awards (Note 1)
  1. Lifetime achievement award
  2. Golden Era Album – 1960 (Only Hindi & Marathi)
  3. Jury award for Outstanding contribution to Music – Language wise


  1. To be decided by ENIL & Jury; out of the scope of verification

The Awards categories may be changed / modified / split / merged based on the songs released during the period, and is at the discretion of Awards management and jury

3. Nominations

4. Timelines

5. Jury evaluation process

6. Determination of Winners

7. Public voting

8. General

ENIL shall endeavor to the best of its ability to respond