Welcome to the Republic of music, where rules are set in melody, and there’s lilt in everything you encounter. The foundation of this republic was laid in 2009 when Radio Mirchi decided to honor musical creations that had a major hand in teleporting listeners to Neverland! A superstar at birth, this initiative has emerged as the most prestigious in the field of gratifying the best there is in film and non-film music! Behold the Mirchi Music Awards.

They say Bengal is the treasure trove of music. They are right, yet woefully short of determining the intensity of Bengal’s musical connections. The land of Tagore’s contribution to music has been eternal. What Bengal needed was a grand stage to honor musical excellence, and, in 2011, it got the grandest: Mirchi Music Awards: a jury-based award to honor the finest in film and non-film music. Since then, Mirchi Music Award has gone from strength to strength, and, the sixth edition promises to outstrip its predecessors in terms of glitz, glamour and musical excellence.